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Audit & Internal Checking Department

- Follow up and monitoring the activities carried out by the department and companies section (financial , technical , legal , and administrative ) and identifying the glitches and overtaking , make sure that they match laws , regulations and the limit of the granted power with making field visits for all projects and preparing reports of these visits .


- financial audit of pre-and post and to all financial transactions with checking the prices in the local market and follow up committees purchases and other committees and changing it periodically.


- audit monthly financial statement represented by trial balance and statement of current account matching with banks and other financial analysis.


- Participation and coordination with the office of financial supervision in the field of audit and control of pre-and post.


- preparing monthly and quarterly audit programs and follow up executed it to make sure of good performance.


- follow up warehouses and stocks to make sure of inventory Adoption cycle and diagnose the deviation and suggest what is possible about it


- follow up the secondary contracting and make sure of adopting the necessary procedures starting from the announcement and ending with account of the secondary contractor.


- follow up the executing of the annual budget and the ways of exchanging it.


- participating in the committees which do not conflict with the work of the section and providing the audit advice.


- follow up the assets in its different kind, make sure of recording it and the procedures of keeping it safe, and follow up its assets and its movement between sites.




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