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Quality Management                                                     



Quality Management System

Is a modern management philosophy imposed itself during the nineties of the twentieth century to become the lifestyle of industrial and economic organizations and the methodology of competition to stay in the market, this style has achieved great success for organizations that have acted, where he became the pursuit of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in performance and work as a team in order to achieve this renewed goal is the main feature of the administrative work in the current era in profitability and service companies alike. Since the founding of Al Fao General Engineering Company, one of the formations of ministry of construction and housing is seeking to apply the regulations and standards to be a title for each their production so the company chose to adopt a quality management according to international requirements for the purpose of obtaining a global certificate for the application of this system, which gives the company international recognition, as well as the continued development of the company made a target by reviewing the processes and find opportunities to improve performance. Since the establishment of the Division of quality control in the Fao Company in 2004, the company plan its work in the system and application after supported by cadres with experience in the field of quality management and the provision of supplies needed to complete its tasks. In spite of all the difficulties that accompanied the application of quality management system as required patience and hard work for several years, but it is now much stronger than in the past where the company management and coordination with the division of quality management to develop a plan and working methodology for the application of quality management system in accordance with international requirements of the standard ( ISO 9001: 2008) was determined timetable for the rehabilitation of sections and the cadres of the company in stages so as not to confuse the work and provide the resources for this purpose.


The success of the application of quality management in the company's system requirements

1. Support of the senior management to Quality Management System.

2. Create work climate and organizational culture for all employees

3. Focus primarily on the customer.

4. The continuous measurement of the performance of the work.

5. Merging Quality system with strategic planning for the company.

6. Continuing education and training for all employees, including senior leadership.

7. Effective management of human resources.

8. Continuous quality improvement.

9. Involve all employees' efforts to improve performance as an integrated teamwork.

10. Establish an accurate information system for quality management for company.


The benefits derived from the application of a quality management system in the company

1. Achieve the highest efficiency in performance and best quality in production and service delivery to achieve the customer's requirements and achieve high profitability of the company.

2. Control and document all activities and procedures undertaken by the company.

3. Ease of diagnosis of weaknesses in performance and thus easily overcome.

4. Ease of diagnosis loyal employees' work, and therefore treatment either by charging or by training.

5. Optimal use of available resources including the time.

6. Increase the possibility of developing the relevant activities and add new activities and have a plan for the future properly, leading to the expansion of its business and thereby increase profits.

7. Achieve tight documentation system of all documents transmitters system and therefore can easily refer to any document

8. Achieve a respectable reputation at home and abroad that a company implements all modern specifications and regulations in managing its business.

9. Create a statistical system to obtain the appropriate information on the status of the facility and make the appropriate decisions for improving performance.

10. Reduce waste of resources and production costs under specific methodology to adjust all processes.






Al-Fao general engineering company have obtained a certificate of (ISO 9001:2008)





Al-Fao general engineering company obtained certificate of (ISO 9001:2008) from VEXIL Company No. (Q96414493) on 5/9/2016 in the application of quality management System as follows:

1 – Design and implementation of construction projects:

a- Housing complexes.

b- General building.

c- Infrastructure (water, sewerage, roads and bridges).

d- Industrial units in the field of oil and electricity.


2 – Manufacture / processing and supply of:

a- Ready mixed concrete

b- Doors and windows of aluminum and iron.

c- Caravans.

d- Electrical switchboards.

e- Sections and door of woods.







Development of quality management system in the company

The issue of the implementation of quality systems and standards is currently one of the most important topics focused on companies and institutions because of its importance in the competition between companies and gain a solid reputation development of the work of companies and keep pace with the rapid development in all areas of life. There is administrative wisdom says (who does not progress obsolete) That progress is a life norm and not easy to achieve that requires patience and the need to involve the staff in the improvement programs and encourage the teams to provide practical and realistic proposals to improve the performance and quality of the processes and thus reduce the resistance to change until the culture of quality is a natural practice leading to continuous improvement of performance in the processes.

Since its inception, Al-Fao General Engineering Company has endeavored to implement all local and international specifications and regulations in its production operations. The company has chosen to adopt the quality management system according to the (ISO 9001) standard. which resulted in obtaining the international certificate of quality in accordance with the standard (ISO 9001: 2008) in 2016 and then switch to apply the new standard according to (ISO 9001: 2015) with the end of 2018, and it will not be the end but we wish to develop a future plan towards the application of new standards in the field of safety and health systems.









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