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Mandi Sabeans (house of worship) - Dhi Qar

Mandi Sabeans (house of worship) - Dhi Qar

Brief description of the project:

- Removing the old structure and reconstructing a three-storey building covered with Sino stone for the facades, white stone and alabaster, with the implementation of a meeting room and another for the baptismal basin.

- Manufacture of a special monument (for a religious symbol) of teak wood in the restaurant, covering the floor of the podium, and manufacturing a stage platform of teak wood in the hall of the first floor.

- Implementation of electrical, mechanical and sanitary works (a network of pipes for drawing water from the river to the baptismal basin and another from the basin to the river) by means of pumps.

- The erection of a switch and the implementation of a fence covered with sino stone, white stone and alabaster.


Cost: (904,057,000) Iraqi dinars

Implementation start date: 02/16/2010

Contract duration: (475) days



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