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Projects in Progress

Projects in Progress


NO. Project Name Governorate  Cost (I.D)
1 The Installation Of AL-Sheah - Wakf-Directorate Sacred Karbala 6.667.754.500
2 Reconstruction Of AL-Elwiah Post Office And Communication Complex Baghdad  14.044.435.000
3 Construction Of Housing Complex In AL-Kibla Quater AL-Basra 81.494.940.595
4 Construction Of (167) Variety Schools Using Prefabricated Unit Technique Baghdad + Dyala 5.973.589.760
5 Construction Of  (127) Variety Schools Using Prefabricated Unit Technique Baghdad + AL-Anbar 4.857.724.996
6 Design, Execution Of Civil And Electromechanically Work For AL-Dujel Water Project Salah AL-Din 50.968.039.140
7 Civil And Electromechanical Works Including Materials Supplying, Installation, Operating And Maintenance For Al-Baghdady Water Project AL-Anbar 44.638.945.305
8 Construction Of Low Cost Houses / First Stage Babil 27.853.333.200
9 Construction Of Low Cost Houses / Second Stage Babil 16.706.096.250
10 Execution Of AL-Khalis Housing Complex Diyala 49.038.715.000
11 Housing Complex In AL-Nahrawan Baghdad
12 Civil Works For Aircrafts Maintenance Bungalow In Baghdad International Air Port Baghdad  736.738.000
13 Execution Of Haj And Omra Committee Building Holy Najaf 2.418.826.635
14 Reconstruction Of Boarding Houses Sacred Karbala 7.219.375.000
15 Construction Of Boarding Houses Builiding In Technical Institute / AL-Hawija Kirkuk 1.621.773.250
16 Completing Of Remaining Work In AL-Shatrah Housing Complex Dhi-Qar 41.985.706.202
17 Construction Of (18) Class School In Om-Alhawa Sacred Karbala 1.022.555.000
18 Construction Of (18) Class School In Intifadha (2) Quarter Sacred Karbala 1.287.533.000
19 Execution Of Workshop For Cars Gas System Addtion In Al-Sumood Gas Factory Baghdad
20 Maintenance And Rehabilitation Of Cooling Towers In AL-Dorah Refinery Baghdad  1.880.000.000
21 Supplementary works for the project of the Chaldean Patriarchate of Babylon building Baghdad  9.981.990.600
22 Completion of the steps halls and galleries in the southern site of Al-Nahrain University Baghdad  8.548.818.000
23 Execution of the remaining works of the Jdeidet Al-Shatt water project Diyala
24 Iraqi Housing Fund Building Sacred Karbala 53.648.500.001
25 Construction Of The Al-Khidr Bridge / Secand Stage AL-Muthanna 4.280.500.000
26 Construction Of A Fixed Iron Bridge Instead Of The Collapsed Sand Bridge Maysan 1.307.800.000
27 Rehabilitation Of The Cooling Towers For The Oil Corporation In The Dora Refinery Baghdad  2.642.315.000
28 Rehabilitation Of Main And Service Streets And Gardens For The role of Employees In The Dora Refinery Baghdad  5.643.530.000
29 Construction Of General Materials Sheds In Baiji Refinery Stores Salah AL-Din 199.950.000


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