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Mr. General Director Visits The Babylon Chaldean Church Project In The Capital, Baghdad

Engineer Imad Tawfiq Al Mirza, General Manager of Al-Fao General Engineering Company, visited one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works, accompanied by Engineer Abdul Wahab Basil Abdul Latif, Director of the Projects Department at the company (the Babylon Chaldean Patriarchate Church building project in Baghdad Governorate), which the company is implementing for the Public Buildings Department. affiliated with the Ministry.


1) Have a field view of the reality of the ongoing work in the project.

2) He met with the resident engineer and the project manager and discussed with them the details of the remaining paragraphs.

3) He made some important technical observations and stressed the need to address them as quickly as possible in order to complete it.

4) He stated that the work includes rehabilitating three buildings in all their details:

- Building (A) contains two floors and contains the headquarters of Mr. Al-Batriak and his assistants, a guest reception hall, and the Kabla hall for holding religious rituals.

- Building (B) includes administrative and service offices.

- Building (C) contains a religious school, classrooms, and a theater.

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