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Human Resource Management Department


This section is considered as spinal administrative column for the company through which all laws, regulations of civil employment and following up dealing with the employees and their records, those jobs are done by the following sub - sections:


1 – Personnel Affairs section

Handles the job of issuing all administrative orders concerning the company's employees like engineering, seriousness fees, inside and outside delegating. Usual resign, certificates… etc.


2 – Retirement section

To arrange and follow up retirement records in accordance to the retirement law no. (27) Year 2006 to match all different types of retirement.


3 – Date and personnel documents section

This sub-section has already accomplished a program using an electronic information's base to ease getting back every note needed for all the employees.


4 – Citizen Affairs section

The citizen affairs section receives requests and complaints of citizens and company's officials directly at head office or at E-Mail ( or call (07717133566) during the time work in order to fulfill administrative procedures, and then send them through (citizen electronic government) ( application to solve them.




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